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CRINGE has established a sound that permeates its genre, incorporating a
churning groove of grind-core, infectious melody, and aggression. CRINGE
prides itself on delivering a tight, high-energy show. The band performs
even the smallest of shows with arena level energy, proving that they are
ready to deliver on a grand scale.

Pete Waimrin ~ Vocals and Guitars
John Seffker ~ Bass and Vocals
Matt Rindy ~ Guitars and Vocals
Marko Tudich ~ Guitar
Izak Frederick ~ Drums

The band originated in 1998 when Pete enlisted a few friends/drummers, one
being Tommy Stewart formerly of the band GODSMACK, to record an EP. They
recorded nine songs and launched CRINGE. The project has since
flourished into a powerful team of players. Each one brings his own soul
into the music: Pete‚s aggressive melody and riffs, John‚s heavy hand and
knack for the unconventional, Matt‚ soulful yet driving style, and Izak's
solid, hard-hitting grooves. Together their diverse talents form one
powerful machine of contagious energy
CRINGE performs at premier Los Angeles clubs including House of Blues, The
Viper Room, and The El Rey Theatre. Additional venues in Orange,
Riverside, and Ventura Counties as well as in Las Vegas and San Diego are
among the locations where you can expect to experience CRINGE. CRINGE
concentrates on "grass roots" and guerilla promotion. You will see them
flying banners and handing out promotional gear at festivals and shows or
just on the streets. CRINGE is NOT a band to wait to be discovered.
CRINGE believes that they will be the ones to make people stand up and
take notice. Experience a show for yourself and you will see why CRINGE
consistently draws 200 plus throughout Los Angeles county.

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